About Us

The designer - Iakovos Nektarios Chondroyannos: Award winning Graphic Design Artist, Iakovos attended art school for 6 years but has a lifetime of experience in the arts. Nektarios was born in British Columbia, Canada, heavily influenced by his Greek heritage and travels. Iakovos created VOSRIO, to showcase his designs through high quality graphic apparel, for both men and women.
In the first year of it's existence VOSRIO was recognized for its designs and was showcased in VOGUE UK, "Designer Profile" for the months of January, February and March and continues to grow in popularity with all walks of life, whether young or "older", male or female.
The name VOSRIO is derived from the last three letters of "Iakovos" and the last 3 letters of "Nektarios" also pronounced Nektario from St. Nektarios. Hence VOSRIO.
VOSRIO's logo is based on Artemis' Bow and arrow. The temple of Artemis is located on the island of Leros, Dodecanese, Greece. Iakovos' lineage.
Experiencing the best of both worlds has motivated his designs and concepts into what he loves to share with his audience and potential followers. Having grown up in a hardworking family, Iakovos has been taught to finish work to its full potential, never taking any shortcuts.
Danae Spittel is the other half of this venture. Sales and marketing director.
Danae was born in British Columbia and is also influenced by a slightly different upbringing of Greek, Polynesian, Scottish, Irish, and Singaporean.
Danae has always had a passion for the arts and in 2009 she enrolled at John Casablanca for Make up Artistry . She now continues to freelance as a professional Make up Artist.
Shortly after she continued with her education attending MTI Community College completing her Early Childhood Education. She now owns and runs her own daycare. As being an early childhood educator her love for children and passion shows through especially with arts and crafts.
As both sharing the love for art and fashion we combined our two world's together and came up with beautiful harmonious collaborations.